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Broken Tool Detection Setup on Vertical Machining Centers

The images below demonstrate the use of a PCS100 tool breakage detection system. To buy check out the CNC Specialty Store where you can purchase PCS100 broken tool monitoring.

This is a typical mounting application to detect broken tools. The tool sensor is mounted fixed to the indexer in this case or a fixed object on the table. Since the spindle can move along the Z-axis all tools can be checked and brought to the right distance to check if the tool is broken. Vertical with Broken tool Detection mounting
This is an example of a RoboDrill application where the PCS100 tool sensor is mounted at a fixed position. The Magazine with the tools is indexed around to the sensor. For this application there is no way to bring the tool to the sensor or sensor tool the tool along the length of the tool. It is set at a fixed length. In this scenario the tool broken detection system must be timed and written in the program to check the tools while the current tool is machining. This application required zero cycle time loss robodrill tool broken
This is a vertical application where the tool broken detector is mounted to the machine utilizing strong magnets. This application is great for temporarily setting up a unit as close to your work as possible to reduce cycle time as well as having the flexibility to utilize the unit when and where ever you would like. Setting up the tool sensor this way however must be set up each time or double checked to make sure it has not been moved or bumped. Broken Tool detection system with PCS100
Haas Vertical example showing the Magnetic base that can be used to mount the tool detector in the machining area of the CNC. Haas tool broken system mounting

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