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Broken Tool Monitoring Setup on Transfer Machines & Swiss Style Lathes

When it comes to broken tool monitoring it can be hard to visualize the installation. Below are several PCS-100 application photos on transfer machines and small swiss turn machining applications. Broken tool monitoring systems have very low cost initial investment up front and generally pay for themselves within the first few months. The images below are provided by the OEM demonstrating the PCS100 tool breakage detection system. Check out the CNC Specialty Store if you are interested in buying the PCS100 broken tool monitoring system.


Transfer Machine example notice how the wand/needle can be bent to accommodate the mounting of the PCS-100 broken tool detector and set up for the proper length of drill. Needles may be swapped out and created for different length drills since the mounting is fixed in this machining application.



PCS100 tool broken detection
Another broken tool monitoring system on a CNC transfer machine.
This is a good example of utilizing a tool broken detection sensor in an area with limited space such as this Swiss Turn machine. Notice how the wand/needle is bent for this machining application. Swiss lathe with broken tool sensor
Transfer line application Tool monitoring transfer line

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