My favorite places to buy stuff online

The stores below is where I commonly buy stuff and visit online. There are many other sites out there that will find the best prices for you and you may save 10 bucks or so. But many times it is not worth it since the companies are not reputable. If not ordering immediately Please return to this website to click through before ordering and help support this website.

I have purchased tons of items from these sites and from my experience they are all extremely reputable companies. I have returned many of my purchases without any hassles and no questions asked for many different types of reasons.
My favorite site with just about everything either through amazon directly or through some of its affiliates.
My favorite site for good prices and customer service for the items below.

- Computer stuff
- Video
- Cameras Electronics
- and more.

I have bought and returned many items because they did not fit my needs without any hassles.

To look for Weekly Hot deals deals
on the internet