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Fanuc PLC password

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Send it to me, I tell you, my mailbox is 1756165411@qq.com

Introduction to Assembly Mode Solidworks 2016

Recent forum posts - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 23:06
In the Assembly mode, you can assemble components of the assembly with the help of the required tools. There are two methods of assembling the components:

  • Bottom-up assembly
  • Top-down assembly

In the bottom-up assembly method, the assembly is created by assembling the components created earlier and maintaining their design intent. In the top-down method, the components are created in the assembly mode. You may begin with some ready-made parts and then cr eate other components in the context of the assembly. You can refer to the features of some components of the assembly to drive the dimensions of other components. You can assemble all components of an assembly by using a single tool, the Mate tool. While assembling the components of an assembly, you can also animate the assembly by dragging. Besides this, you can also check the working of your assembly. Collision detection is one of the important features in this mode. Using this feature, you can rotate and move components as well as detect the interference and collision between the assembled components. You can see the realistic motion of the assembly by using physical dynamics. Physical simulation is used to simulate the assembly with the effects of motors, springs, and gravity on the assemblies.

Resource: http://mooncad.com/Phan-Mem-Solidworks

Alarm 204 spindle controller malfunction

Recent forum posts - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 09:11
Hi guys, I have a mazak slant turn 30-atc. For the last 6 months we have been dealing with alarm 204 spindle controller malfunction popping up. The alarms sparactic an doesn't come up every time we use the machine. It's happen most of the time when you go to increase or decrease the spindle rpm in manual or when running a part it is when the spindle goes to increase rpm on the finishing pass. Sometimes it will stutter like it is trying to switch gears and other times it just automatically alarms out when it kicks up the rpm. We have talked to a few diffterent people about it but still haven't solved the problems. Just trying to see if anybody has any input, suddestions, or know what the issue could be.

how do you calculate time?

Recent forum posts - Mon, 06/26/2017 - 01:56
It is 3 axis cnc router or 5 axis cnc router? To calculate machining time of cnc router, it is needed to make a programing file. If you use 5 axis cnc router, it is convenient to make programing file with 3D scanner.


Recent forum posts - Sun, 06/25/2017 - 07:49
Change the BTA( drive battery ), Make sure machine not turned off

MACHINE not working

Recent forum posts - Sun, 06/25/2017 - 07:39
Check the spindle amplifier of spindle and axis drives, also make sure earthing is proper at peak load

Buddy, little brother needs your help

Recent forum posts - Sat, 06/24/2017 - 01:06
I want to get an activation code for FANUC NC GUIDE. Is there any brother who can help me?

Introduction to monitoring and control of welding process

Recent forum posts - Fri, 06/23/2017 - 01:57
Substantial progress has been made in both the determination of control parameters, monitoring techniques and automatic process control.Principles of process control

In any manufacturing process it is necessary to ensure that the outcome of the operations carried out matches some defined objective. This involves controlling the operation of the process in some wayIn order to achieve the desired output it is necessary to:
  • Establish control relationships which enable the effect of the control variables on the process performance to be predicted.

  • Monitor the process to ensure that it is operating within limits defined by the control relationships.

  • Compared with other manufacturing processes, welding has established a reputation for being more difficult to control and less likely to achieve consistent quality.

  • This is probably a result of the multiplicity of interrelated control parameters, the complexity of the control relationships and the difficulty of monitoring process performance.

  • It is also difficult to assess weld integrity without careful non-destructive examination and mechanical properties cannot be checked without destructive testing of the fabrication.
  • These difficulties are recognized in international quality standards and welding is classified as a special process in ISO 9000 and the control measures required for welded fabrication are detailed in ISO 3834.

Comparison of control variables for automatic plasma and MMA weldingAn indication of the number of control parameters which need to be considered for two contrasting arc welding processes is given in Table below.The traditional manual control techniques will be outlined in this chapter and the influence of developments in processes and equipment will be discussed. Substantial progress has also been made in both the determination of control parameters, monitoring techniques and automatic process control.
(Source: http://en.hongky.com/ )

Mori Seiki SL15M/MC - problem with C axis

Recent forum posts - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 10:00
Hi everyone,

i have one specific problem with C axis, but i dont have any problem with X and Z axisis.

When i want to take manualy referent Zero, my machine start spinning main spindle and doesnt want to find a Zero point. It just keep going around.

But that is not everything, when i put some program like this:
N70 M45(Start of C axis)
N80 G28 U0
N90 G28 H0
N100 G97 S200 M13
Machine goes in U0, but C axis start to spining when block G28 H0, and doest want to find Zero point?

As you can see in pictures, distance to for C axis is -50000mm, then he comes to 0 and then start form the beggining.

If someone can help me,
I would appreciate it.

Thank you

from the beginning Attached Images

Trumpf trumatic 240 no rotation problems.

Recent forum posts - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 07:50
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr dear sirs,
i have punching machine trumatic 240, no rotation. There is several problems with that. Time to time machine does not work, because cn-fault 2670. Sometimes need to switch of and on several times and the machine can start.
But there is another problems also. The machine can keep tools inside or doesn`t change it time to time. If someone can help me with this, please dont hesitate to reply)
on the pictures you can see the lastest bugs. the problem have solved ;). Thanks to all.

Today could be the first exclusive event that Nike as well as revolt

Recent forum posts - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 00:35
Nike Air Max 90 All Pink including Coach Pongsathit Thanachat and coach Fresh paint Guayan Laohasukpaisarn, who have been training courses prior to international requirements from Nike. Like other 19 Peszer players to aid all sportsmen achieve its goals. This is a live session which is held every single Wednesday in order that people who will be interested can participate in the swap. To often be inspired inside next go. By prepared to take register by means of either nike bangkok.
For Nike Air Max 90 Grey Womens NRC BKK work out plans, The Nike + Work Club app includes Nike stores, including Siam Sq . today could be the first exclusive event that Nike as well as revolt usually are led by way of Khun Pin number Anubong Kutikul. Carnival connected with Sneaker Bring all sorts of runners to jog on the colorful as well as multicultural paths inside the capital, Bangkok. By deciding on the routes that surround art comprising street skill. Total distance of a lot more than 5 km, which will starts from Siam Rectangular.
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Victor Cruz about the Nike shoes belonging to the fanaticism

Recent forum posts - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 00:22
Rap nike air max 90 womens pink singer yo gotti on the foot in the color, Victor Cruz about the Nike shoes belonging to the fanaticism serves as a well-known to sling the child around the feet. with charcoal matte leather having a white perforated uppers cut from bright as well as dark impact to bring a robust visual set off. English movie and television actor tom hard to attend an activity within the feet adidas nmd SEVERAL. singer sar on the foot pharrell adidas nmd shoes or boots with entire green nylon uppers material.
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My new mother still keeps the Nike Air of shoes thus far

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 22:52
This Nike Free Run Mens Grey series is improving and better. My first Nike Weather of Nike shoes and boots is Nike Air Force 1, then I got a child. My new mother still keeps the Nike Air of shoes thus far. 9. What number of Nike Airs involving shoes on earth do you now own? I like to collect boots and shoes, the precise number is recorded. My house carries a whole divider of my personal shoes, through the floor is piled on the ceiling. TWELVE. Which Nike Atmosphere of shoes on earth do you like best? Nike Air Jordan III Oregon Ducks colour.
Since Nike Free Run Mens Red the Usa running up from the seventies in the last one hundred year, the climb of sports athletes running shoes or boots performance requirements are ever more high, an increasing number of diversified. Along with these requires and over-internal rotation foot inward once the inversion in-depth knowledge of Nike developed a stable working shoes : Nike's many stable running shoes Nike Weather Structure with 1991 And students. Following your launch.
Nike Free Shoes Online to this ordinary activities enthusiasts along with retired some athletes, Nike Composition running shoes or boots family received wide acclaim, from the long-distance champion Galen Rupp Galen Rupp so during the past 16 years have been wearing the number of running footwear elite athletes, All for your series of unique pattern and dropping. In this series into the twentieth year in the occasion, Nike Air conditioning Zoom Composition 20 working shoes to take its essence from the previous new release.

This shoe could be to break the standard impression connected

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 22:13
Nike Air Jordan 13 Retro Mens forefoot lover ZOOM Nike Air cushion. The palm is usually a small little bit of old-fashioned Nike Weather cushion. Running shoes made to be better to assist athletes plus running fanatics better to obtain their pursuits, and going shoes plus stable, slow shock form, flexible *** etc, to adjust to different managing sports, and now we speak to a stable kind of running shoes Nike Shape 20. In the name in the figures.
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Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoes long distance running is definately not too tender, Golfers should keep in mind that Nike 2016 introduced this Nike Atmosphere Zoom Ultrafly huge tennis sneakers, To excellent help. This golf shoe will be Australian Start tournament Bouchard, Soko as well as other NIKE STAFF team legend wearing rugby shoes. this shoe could be to break the standard impression connected with traditional rugby shoes, via track along with field sneakers. American basketball shoes plus soccer boots and shoes to draw inspiration.

As New Balance has obtained retro inspirations even though

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 21:59
The www.newbalanceuk.com first colorway purposes green. The sneaker includes clean, after four many development. as New Balance has obtained retro inspirations even though introducing a completely new way of life model perfect proper that life life on the run. quality elements and craftsmanship in conjunction with sophisticated styling and outstanding comfort. ubiquitous off white 574 you almost certainly think regarding whenever this name New Balance comes up new balance 2016 boots and shoes.
New balance 580 295 as well as preschoolers regarding P2. I'd personally walk 35 miles on a daily basis, something that searchers here that are very productive and shopping with an adult are in search of, The Athlete

Brio wires Brio cables to create the ft and shoes and boots firmly match

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 21:44
Modern Nike Air Max 90 VT Gorge Green technology strengthens its genes, Flyknit shoes or boots are simple to don off, Brio wires Brio cables to create the ft and shoes and boots firmly match, full regarding resilience with the Nike Air Zoom cushioning technology has the capacity to reduce day to day activities The influence force. In addition, this sneaker also follows the structure of the original shoes to be charged tribute to the design. NIKE's a pair of founders Phil Knight in addition to Bill Bowerman can be a long-distance joggers and instructors born, running shoes is usually said which NIKE's earliest product, after a good period involving inspection.
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Top palm Lens Nike Air when using the Nike Air-Sole

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 21:32
Nike Huarache Mens the competition is from time began, Nike Atmosphere Zoom Generation inside design from your Lebron Harry 18-year-old personal gift gift, several years after both the people become a great brother, but individual honor is definitely comparable. a Hummer H2 to have inspiration, straightforward lines contour the hard style. Top palm Lens Nike Air when using the Nike Air-Sole, in the end of your section is actually holding a big area associated with? Y-shaped co2 plate help support, this configuration is called luxury while in the year. Whitened, red wine beverage, dark random world, the combined three colorings seemingly haphazard.
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Zoom Nike Air flow cushion inside rebound greater and Curry4 distinct

Recent forum posts - Tue, 06/20/2017 - 21:19
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 Men's Running shoe and Nike KD10 during this area to do very well. people sense quite comfortable. Shock may be the focus with basketball shoes to take into consideration the variables. Nike KD10 built with a total palm Nike Lens quality Nike Atmosphere cushion, cushioning effect while you wear, you possibly can experience the superb rebound cushioning performance. Vary Adi's INCREASE, Zoom Nike Air flow cushion inside rebound greater and Curry4 distinct, Nike KD10 must be used to guide, but definitely not that he is able to not shield the ankle and so forth. Nike KD10 to the ankle defense and support is also very great.
Nike Flyknit Trainer Womens Black Grey White because associated with its thin shoes, the binding on the feet is actually obvious. And boost the bold shoelaces, making the shade better, all of which not switch the shoes once the deformation to be able to change. Look at its soles, than the Nike KD9 improved a lot of, rubber bottoms with numerous grip covering, so this shoes grasp more tightly, become stronger Nike KD10 network Nike Surroundings cushion catheter to be wider than 9, the coating can be thicker, time of destroyed tube is actually relatively modest. But due to its small shoes.
Nike Roshe Run White Womens can not maintain all customer types, but additionally it is difficult to prevent, usually that situation will be to buy half belonging to the shoes. Curry4 in the finals without signs involving appearance, have hit Nike a new surprise. However, Nike hockey shoes inside above features a unique gain, and Durant has also succeeded inside library gained the FMVP. Nike has been doing both in promoting their own star, and suppress that opponent Andre the phone number one sign library, In my opinion that your Nike KD10 will stress a development. In 2003.

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