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Machine repair

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Hallo guys..i'm from malaysia.

Fanuc 6 and Fanuc 3 user manuals

Recent forum posts - 9 hours 27 min ago
Please send me the operational and technical user manuals of Fanuc 6 and Fanuc 3, thank you for your help in advance, Yours Petko.

Captain Petko

Recent forum posts - 9 hours 47 min ago
Hi everyone, I am Captain Petko from Hidralex Bulgaria.


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Pls help need seicos 18m ladder as i have one hitachi seiki HG 400 and all data of seicos 18 m lost in transit due to drained battery pls advise if some one can help me

Project managment software

Recent forum posts - Mon, 12/11/2017 - 11:13

what software do you use in your shops to manage and to control your projects, storage, time... I am thinking to make such program for my self maybe somebody have advices from your own experience. What is needed and what is unnecessary? Thank you.

cnc problem

Recent forum posts - Sun, 12/10/2017 - 12:56
my fanuc cnc survo driver's battery gone zero but after replacing the battery it's giving an alarm like "need RFE Return"
don't know what to do
anybody please help

Ball bar measurement and control

Recent forum posts - Thu, 12/07/2017 - 11:25
Hello Team,

i need any one of your support concerning the ball-bar measurement and the correction.
We have Moriseiki HMC machine for our machining of Steel component .In this machine we have an issue of position variation which making distribution hole. On this point of view we tested the geometry with ball-bar and the result as follows below.
i want to understand that which parameter is out off specification and how this can be corrected
please help us on this.

Sl. No Parameter Unit Measurement 1 Backlash X (max) Microns -1.1 2 Backlash Y (max) Microns 0.9 3 Reversal spikes X Microns 5.6 4 Reversal spikes Y Microns 1.7 5 Lateral Play X Microns -4.2 6 Lateral Play Y Microns 5.5 7 Cyclic error X Microns 2.2 8 Cyclic error Y Microns 2 9 Servo mismatch ms 0.05 10 Squareness Microns/Meter 1332 11 Straightness X Microns -168.7 12 Straightness Y Microns -12.7 13 Scaling Mismatch Microns 29.8 14 Scaling error X ppm -355.2 15 Scaling error Y ppm -504 16 Cyclic Pitch X mm 31.75 17 Cyclic Pitch Y mm 30.48 18 Centre Offset X Microns 54.7 19 Centre Offset Y Microns -196.2 20 Positinal Tolererance Microns 677.8 21 Best Fit Radius mm 99.957 22 Circularity Microns 379.5

IMD Magnetic Driven Chemical Process Pump

Recent forum posts - Wed, 12/06/2017 - 21:55
Product Description:

IMD Fluoroplastic Mangetic Chemical Process Pump is the upgrade products of CQB Series vacuum pumps .which is R & D high -Efficiency Pump based on the long time technology accumulation ,and study advanced technology aboard . The Designed Feature is small flow and high head of vacuum pump systems ,Pump apperarance and installation Dimension are designed and produced according of ISO International .All of Specifications are motor-straight ,supported by Middle bracket ,compact structure resistance ,load or upload Convenient .Inlet of vacuum pumps for sale is made of Steel-lined F46 , moulded by high temperature in order to enhance pressure of vacuum pump . Inner Rotor and Outer Rotor adopts high performance magnetic materials "NdFeB" .Isolation set used Import Non-metal material manufacture, it greatly reduces the magnetic eddy current loss . This Series of vacuum pump system performance is remarkable , inexpensive price , in the domestic and foreign many projects used and obtain recogintion,has become a subsitute imported magnetic pump first choose .

Technical Details of IMD Magnetic Drive Pumps
IMD Magnetic Drive Pump Series:
● Flow: to 400 m3/h
● Head: to 125 m
● Material Range : FEP,PFA Lined
● Temperature:to -20℃~180℃。
The industries we served including Biodiesel,Chemical, Petro-Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Water Treatment,Electrical,Sewage Treatment,and other industry.

Greetings Everyone

Recent forum posts - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 00:45
Hello everyone, just joined these forums and I've been quite impressed with the extent of the information available on here so far. Looking forward to being part of this community!

Feel free to visit our blog section from our site, in the hopes that you can benefit from the informative content. We have been focusing on featuring articles on a variety of CNC related topics from industry experts and we hope the material will be of assistance and perhaps serve as a starting point for further discussion within this site. www.worthyhardware.com/news/

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An animal that you will see a lot of on your trek up

Recent forum posts - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 20:29
Table Mountain has a unique eco system and, on your Cape Town holidays, you will spot much unique flora and fauna. As there are certain areas of the National Park that are designated for a braai (the South tilting pad bearing African term for BBQ), you can even end your Cape Town holiday with a sunset barbecue overlooking the Atlantic. The cable cars have been built to cope with Cape Towns strong south easterly winds and the rotating floors ensure that all visitors are offered panoramic 360 degree views of the Mother City on the journey up.Cape Town holidays just arent complete without a visit to Table Mountain.
. The flat topped sandstone mountain is synonymous throughout the world as a symbol of South Africas Mother City. Some plants such as the Silver Tree and the Disa Unaflora orchid are endemic to the area, and the ghost frog is an example of a reptile that is also found nowhere else on earth. Every year the two are forced to resume their smoking duel and the smoke becomes the tablecloth that lines Table Mountain. Most people, however, choose to use the quicker aerial cableway, which allows them to high speed bearing reach the top in just under ten minutes. After his life of crime had left him successfully rich, he took to climbing Devils Peak on a daily basis to relax and enjoy the view. To date, it is believed that over 18 million people have made the trip up the aerial cableway to the top of the mountain:

The largest point of the Table Mountain, Maclears Beacon, is located 1086 metres above the bay. An animal that you will see a lot of on your trek up Table Mountain is the rock dassie, which resembles a large earless rabbit, but whose closest living relative is actually the elephant. However, you might not want to create too much smoke, as you never know who may appear and challenge you to a smoke duel. One day a cloaked stranger challenged him to a smoking duel, and although Van Hunks won, the cloaked stranger turned out to be the devil and both of them soon vanished into a thick puff of smoke. His pleasure was further increased by smoking a pipe, and the pirate was particularly proud of the amount of smoke he could inhale without getting ill.

At the top of Table Mountain is a shop where you can buy many different souvenirs of your Cape Town holidays, from cuddly dassies to scenic calendars and diaries.

However, if you are taking your Cape Town holidays during the summer, you will usually see a thick white cloud engulfing the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top, the views become even more spectacular and stretch from Table Bay to False Bay and around the mountain to the Hout Bay Valley and Kommetjie. On a clear day it is even possible to see across the ocean to the Cape Flats and the Hottentots Holland Mountains. The shop also contains a post office, which you can use to send postcards bearing the famous Table Mountain postmark. The locals refer to this as the tablecloth, and tell the story of an eighteenth century Dutch pirate known as Van Hunks. Depending on the route you choose, climbing Table Mountain will take you anything from a three hour walk to a full days trek. The mountain has over 1470 different species of plants, with 250 different types of daisies alone

Shoda 5 axis with a Fanuc 150-M Won't Boot

Recent forum posts - Wed, 11/29/2017 - 02:54
Calling all Fanuc Gurus,

The machine ran fine all day Thursday, shut down happy, and when powered on, on Friday Morning, I got the dreaded message on my screen:

"Graphic is Ready, Waiting Serial Bus is Ready, Serial Bus is ready, Boot Start"

Reading the manual, and many other forum posts, I decided my best chance for a quick repair was to replace the Main C card, so I bought a backup Main-C board with daughter cards, and was able to boot to the IPL screen once after the first install of the new card. Unfortunately, the 2nd boot was worse, and by the third boot with the new card, I was in the same place, and now I have two Main C cards that won't boot. I now believe my problem is elsewhere.

I've created and a PDF with lots of pics and descriptions that chronicles the repair effort to date. I tried to attach it to this post, but it was too large for the Forum's attachment limit, so I'll try to share it via this link:


I've already missed a week of work trying to troubleshoot and I'm ready to call in an expert/guru. Who do you all recommend? Any other things I should try? Should I call Fanuc directly? Many folks who I've known to have done that in past told me its a waste of time. Anyone have a different experience?

If if could find a local Fanuc expert in the Southern / Central California region, that would be even better. I'm located in Tehachapi, CA

OPRM file Issue - Fanuc I0-TD

Recent forum posts - Tue, 11/28/2017 - 08:21
Hi guys,

So recently my father passed away (May He Rest In peace), and he was handling our CNC machines and troubleshooting whenever we have a problem.

We currently have a Fanuc Series 0I - TD controller . Model : Vturn-A20.

Whenever I launch the machine, I get these error:
Option setting Error
Option Information File Error
Either Loading Or deleting option information file is necessary.

After diagnosing and researching about this error, I am confident that the issue relies under the OPRM file.

I would highly appreciate if someone is able to support me, and provide me the solution to get my machine back up and running.

Kindly reply here or whatsapp/call me @ 009613239524

how to write mitsubishi fca64s ladder logics

Recent forum posts - Tue, 11/28/2017 - 07:41
Hi! This is not an easy question to be answered right away. Let me ask my friend! He definitely knows which which software is used to write a Plc logic program.

ADjusting the Y axis double ball screw on a Kitamura hx500i.

Recent forum posts - Sat, 11/25/2017 - 12:17
Do auto synchronisation of twin ball screws

Billy here...new to CNC

Recent forum posts - Sat, 11/25/2017 - 09:41

My name is Billy and I live in Homestead Florida. I am a old guy, retired, and trying to learn CNC machining.

I am very new to CNC. I have two machines I am trying to learn to operate. I want to develop a standard safe process to cut every part and all necessary setups.
One, a Sherline mill with 9" of X travel running Mach3. ( The Sherline has no home switch and many other limitations.
Two, a Eagle mill with 54" of X travel running Fagor control software. ( The Eagle has most everything except an encoder on the spindle, manual spindle speed control)

I like metalworking in general and have some limited experience in manual machining and welding.

I am learning G Code which has not been to difficult.

I do not have a clear idea in my head of the process from start to finish at this point.

I came here in hopes you guys could point me in the proper direction and answer the typical "new guy" questions.



New to this forum, new to CNC, where to ask basic questions??

Recent forum posts - Sat, 11/25/2017 - 09:24

I am very new to CNC. I have two machines I am trying to learn to operate. I want to develop a standard safe process to cut every part and all necessary setups.
One, a Sherline mill with 9" of X travel running Mach3. ( The Sherline has no home switch and many other limitations.
Two, a Eagle mill with 54" of X travel running Fagor control software. ( The Eagle has most everything except an encoder on the spindle, manual spindle speed control)

Where is the best place on this forum to ask basic newbie questions?



I need your help

Recent forum posts - Fri, 11/24/2017 - 11:50
you need to check the ATC recovery sequence and signals, maybe one or more signals are not being activated or deactivated.


What does mean OI-TD in fanuc oi control?

Recent forum posts - Fri, 11/24/2017 - 09:32
Oi TD= 0 is zero. It is the series of the control. i it is also the series.
T = Turning (Lathe)
The 0i control has several types . A, B , C D. In this case we have the D control. They have some changes each year so they call them with a new letter.
it is a little bit confusing how they name their controls.



Nisshinbo (MTP1000F) SRAM disk broken

Recent forum posts - Wed, 11/22/2017 - 16:03
We have recently lost the parameters displayed on our Nisshinbo (MTP1000F) Monitor. We have been told this may be due to the battery shot-off causing the SRAM disk to break. Any help in recovering the parameters will be greatly appreciated.


Mori Sieki MV80 problems

Recent forum posts - Tue, 11/21/2017 - 10:03
Yasnac MX2 control, We have programed the machine to do a straight cut 43" in the -X direction. It starts the cut moves about 2" and stops (spindle still running) it sits for about the time it would take to complete the pass, the Z moves down the programmed amount then reverses direction (programmed) about 2" stops and waits about the amount of time it would take to complete the return pass, then the Z raises to the programmed point and the program completes. It appears the machine thinks it is doing what we want but it isn't actually cutting the full length, only about 2". Any ideas please?

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