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Замена экрана на iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X.

Recent forum posts - Sun, 09/22/2019 - 03:39
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Da98b drive fails after random time

Recent forum posts - Wed, 09/11/2019 - 02:59
Nice Looks like its beefed up. Do you have any more pictures of it and what are the main differences between the older model and this model?

do you have a VK or VM machine with a working 4th axis?

Recent forum posts - Tue, 09/10/2019 - 11:39
I went through the maintains manuals servo diagnostics, checking each signal to the servo drive. All were present and of the correct values however when I checked the supply voltage I found the brake relay was not engaged. I had missed a wire. Some interesting things I noticed in this unpowered state. I cannot use 100% rapids (such as when the machine is not had all axis referenced to zero). I noticed at times, I can go to the DIAG page and rotate the servo by hand and the encoder count changes. This is not always the case. Seems to happen after a program ends with G28. If the machine state is that I can cause the count to change via rotation, I noticed the VCMD signal would show up the correct polarity for a given direction. If left there more than a few seconds, a 031 WATCHDOG alarm would trigger.

Present state. I fixed the power to the brake relay. Now moving the servo is out of the question. It is being held by the control. It still will not move via HAND, JOG nor RAPID and if in MIDI mode I send G1 F10. A10. I get an immediate 031 WATCHDOG alarm.

I have two Hitachi documents that discuss the watchdog. One involving maintenance of the main board identifies a jumper to disable the watchdog timer (does not seem like a good idea and could cause a servo run away). The second talks about mods to the SVIF board, setting the 8 pos switch and installing a jumper and resistor.

Most I have found says replace boards. I dont think that is the problem as I can disable the 4th axis and no more alarm. Any ideas?

Aerospace CNC Machining parts

Recent forum posts - Thu, 09/05/2019 - 02:00
The materials and manufacturing technologies of Aerospace CNC Machining parts are developing toward high temperature, lightweight, compounding, integration, high efficiency, and low cost. The manufacturing technology of complex structural components such as aircraft casings and integral blade disks of aviation engines is constantly improving. Manufacturing technology has evolved from advanced manufacturing to high-end manufacturing. Aviation complex structural parts processing technology involves CNC machine tools, advanced tools, efficient programming, CNC machining simulation and cutting process and parameter optimization.
Processing of typical complex structural Aerospace CNC Machining parts
Aerospace CNC Machining parts use a large number of difficult-to-machine materials and composite materials such as titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys, and their machinability is extremely poor. The parts of the casing and the whole leaf disc are complex, and it is easy to produce machining deformation. The dimensional accuracy and technical requirements are difficult to guarantee.
The machining of the integral leaf disc type is a typical five-axis CNC milling. The airflow passage between adjacent blades is narrow, and the surface between the blades is prone to interference during processing, which has extremely high requirements for the tool path. Because of the easy interference, it is necessary to test the accuracy of the machining program by simulation before actual machining.
Whole leaf disc processing simulation steps:
1 In the VERICUT environment, call the constructed five-axis machining center model. Call machine files, CNC control files, and tool magazine files.
2 Introduce the blank STL model file of the whole leaf disc into the component tree and set the workpiece coordinate system.
3 Transfer to the NC program and define the tool list.
4 Check the correctness of the NC program. Set the recognition color such as collision, overtravel and interference to check the interference between the machine tool, the tool and the fixture.
5 Impeller simulation results analysis, check the parts for undercut, overcut, confirm whether the program can be used.[/COLOR]
The machining of complex structural parts of aero-engines relies on innovations in process methods. Its manufacturing level directly determines the performance of the aero engine.
EBI provides rapid prototyping service, Aerospace 3D Printing, Aerospace injection molding, Aerospace CNC Machining, low-volume, on-demand. no MOQ, fast delivery free design.

Any body need Haas CNC help?

Recent forum posts - Mon, 09/02/2019 - 05:19
Little history, My usb control card went bad. Got a new one in the mail today. Now when I go to "move" It shows in the software the basic is moving... But the CNC is not moving at all. I have downloaded the firmware, made sure the drivers were up to date, done all I know to do. Any other suggestions ?

Five common inspection tools for CNC machining

Recent forum posts - Thu, 08/29/2019 - 05:14
After Custom CNC machining, the workpiece must be tested accordingly. When testing, we must not only know the testing standard of CNC machining, but also what are the common inspections for CNC machining.
What are the common tools used inspections for machining?
1.Tooth gauge

The tooth gauge is used to experience the quality of the thread. It is made according to the national standard. It has external and internal threads. The external thread is understood as a screw to check the standard of the nut. The internal thread can be used as the standard for testing the screw.
2. GO and NO-GO gauge

The GO and NO-GO gauge is a standard for checking the inner hole. Generally, there are two, one is a go gauge, and the other is a no-go gauge.
Just like a metal rod, go gauge must pass the hole and no-go gauge must fail to enter. Anyone of the two errors indicates that the product size is unqualified.
3. Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is a testing tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter, and depth. The vernier caliper consists of a main ruler and a vernier attached to the main ruler.
The main ruler is usually in millimeters, while the cursor has 10, 20 or 50 compartments. According to the different compartments, the vernier caliper can be divided into a ten-degree vernier caliper, a twenty-degree vernier caliper, and a fifty-degree vernier caliper. The cursor has 9mm for 10 divisions, 19mm for 20 divisions, and 49mm for 50 divisions.
The vernier caliper has two movable jaws on the main ruler and the vernier, the inner measuring claw and the outer measuring claw. The inner measuring claw is usually used to measure the inner diameter, and the outer measuring claw is usually used to measure the length and the outer diameter.
4. Micrometer

The micrometer is used to check the external inspection, inner diameter and depth as the vernier caliper, but it is relatively simple.
Each size must be purchased with a different micrometer, such as an outer diameter micrometer, an inner diameter micrometer, a micrometer more precise than a vernier caliper, accurate to 0.01 mm
5. Height meter

The altimeter is used to measure the depth dimension of the product, such as the size from one end face to the other. The height gauge measures more accurately than the vernier caliper and can be accurate to 0.001 mm.
The above five are commonly used inspection tools in Dongguan machining. These inspection tools must be calibrated before use to ensure the accuracy of machined workpieces.
Nanchang Ever Bright Industrial Trade Co., Ltd (EBI) is a professional manufacturer and trader, 15 Years focused on Custom CNC machining, Custom Service for Quality Production. Expert in CNC Machining with Short Lead Times and Competitive Pricing. Service includes CNC machining, SLS/SLA rapid prototyping, plastic injection molding. CNC rapid prototyping.
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Seeking R

Recent forum posts - Fri, 08/23/2019 - 12:48
Still Searching for "10/91 Romheld Hydraulic Power Workholding, Tool Clamping and Hydraulic Elements" Catalog/Manual.

To this date 8-23-2019 I have received no feedback. No response from any Individual regarding finding and presenting this catalog and collecting the finders fee.

Please contact me if you have ever seen or have knowledge of this catalog/manual.

I appreciate your time and interest. I will pay a finder's fee of $ 500.00 to the first person that find's and delivers this specific catalog. I will pay a finder's fee of $ 250.00 to the first person that finds and delivers the same catalog title or a similar title such as "Romheld Hydraulic Power Workholding," published in 1992-1998. If you have any questions or need additiomal information don't hesitate to email me at richasjr@gmail.com

, Attached Files

Four factors determine the cost of CNC Rapid prototyping

Recent forum posts - Wed, 08/21/2019 - 22:08
Many customers are curious about the Cost of Rapid Prototyping. It is normal to know the prototype quotation in advance, but the quotation of the Rapid Prototype needs to be carefully calculated by the engineering staff.
The Cost of Rapid Prototyping is affected by many factors. If you want to know, you must first send 3D drawings to the salesman, and then tell us your requirements, such as materials, processing technology, precision requirements, surface treatment, delivery or other Additional services. All will affect the price of the quote.

For example, more than ten days ago, a customer found us through the Internet for consultation. He first sent a 2D drawing to request a CNC Rapid Prototyping quotation, but the 2D drawing could not be quoted to the customer, and the 3D drawing could be used. After that, he passed the 3D drawing requesting the quotation and explained some processing requirements. When he get the price, he felt expensive at first. However, after comparison and consideration, the customer knows that even though our price is more expensive than other hand-made factories, but our processing technology, materials, services and other aspects are better than other small manufacturers, so we get the job.

In general, the factors that affect the Cost of Rapid Prototyping are as follows:
First, the accuracy of the prototype:
If you need to meet the tolerance requirements of 0.01mm, regardless of the processing equipment or the technical master, our requirements are relatively high, and so the cost will be relatively high.
Second, the size and difficulty of the prototype:
If the product structure is complex, the Cost of Rapid Prototyping is also much higher; if the overall size of the product is large or the appearance is a curved shape, the processing cost will also increase a lot.
Third, processing materials:
Plastic or aluminum alloy or stainless steel, different materials will have different price.
Fourth, the surface treatment requirements:
Such as injection, silk screen, electroplating, laser engraving and other post-processing will increase the cost of hand processing.

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Recent forum posts - Mon, 08/19/2019 - 16:32
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