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Help Fanuc 0imb with Alpha i Drive. Machine not starting. Blank Screen. Status "8."

Recent forum posts - Mon, 05/30/2016 - 14:02
Quote: Originally Posted by bhaskarjalan Hello friends.
I am having a tough time dealing with a series of malfunctions on my only CNC VMC. First I had peculiar Y+ Y- Overtravel alarm on the same screen ! Is this normal. I am a newbie. Tried restarting the machine but once shut, it wont start. The screen is blank, the controls, Toggle no other buttons are working. Checked the Main Board at the rear and it is showing status "8." Tried several times to shut down and start. But no change. It is just dead apart from a red light on the controller and the "8." on the Main Board (Fanuc part no. A02B0299B802). Struggling with it for months now. Any help would be so kind. Regards. BJ.:confused: New Development [Partly Solved] problem.
OK so I managed to get the machine power up. Removed the cover of the main drive and took out all the PCB's. Cleaned and re-fitted them. Then tried Powering up and it did power up. But that's not all.
Problem now is that I am stuck with a Z overtravel alarm which even "Can +P" won't clear. Struggling to find a solution. Alarm numbers are 506 and 507. Z+ and Z- on the same screen!!?? Tried swapping encoders, encoder cables but no change.
How do I go about this. One more thing, the machine is not switching to MDI mode when the ot alarm is present. Even the axis selector switch does not function. Can anybody relate to this peculiar condition? Any help would be godsent. Pls share your opinions. Thanks. BJ.

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