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Optimize parameters for mills with tips

Recent forum posts - Sun, 01/22/2017 - 15:14
Check out this software to optimize immediately at the machine.

spindle stall on matsuura

Recent forum posts - Thu, 01/19/2017 - 15:56
I have a matsuura mc-1000vg-300j. I am gang cutting 286 stainless steel at a spindle speed of 50 rpm 1.6 in./min. feed. The cutters are 4.0 inches in dia. with 18 teeth per cutter. The cutters are phased so that the cutting teeth engage the material sequentially. I am taking d.o.c. of .125 and a width of cut of .2 which calculates to a .0017 chip load. Here is the issue; once the cutters fully engage the material the spindle starts to studder and actually stops for a split second and then propels forward at the proper rpm repeating this motion every revolution. I have checked runout of the toolholder and cutters and everything is good. Torque load at the cutters is 143.7 newton meters about half of the machines torque capability. Any Ideas of what may be causing this spindle stalling to happen? Do you think it could be a mechanical issue? How is the spindle motor coupled to the spindle? Anyone have this happen? I had to reduce my feederate to .6 in/min. to minimize the stalling. Anyone see this before? HELP!!!!!

tool life management

Recent forum posts - Wed, 01/18/2017 - 08:10
I have a mc-1000-matsuura j300. The manuals are not clear as to how to activate the tool life management feature. I have the data entered for the tool groups however the manuals are not clear as to how to activate the feature through the program. Can and will anyone help?

Toshiba BMC-80

Recent forum posts - Wed, 01/11/2017 - 12:12
If anybody need, we recently disassembled out Toshiba BMC-80 and we have a lot of parts that we wont be using anymore.

Top CAD CAM Software

Recent forum posts - Fri, 01/06/2017 - 04:11
Siemens NX, PTC Creo & MasterCAM

FS: Bridgeport Series 1 3-Axis Knee Mill, 34" x 12-1/2" Working Surface, Siemens CNC

Recent forum posts - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:29
This Bridgeport Series 1 3-Axis Knee Mill has been recently retrofitted with the Machine Tool Products - Siemens SINUMERIK 808D CNC Kit. All electrical components are new. X-Axis Travel - 18", Y-Axis Travel - 12", Z-Axis Travel - 5", Knee Travel - 16", 2hp spindle motor.

If interested, please contact us at 317-662-0185 or nathan.petry@machinetoolproducts.com for more information.

Picture Link: Bridgeport Series 1 3-Axis Knee Mill, 34" x 12-1/2” Working Surface, Siemens CNC - MachineToolProducts.com

About the Kit:
Our Siemens SINUMERIK 808D Low-Cost CNC Kit for Milling is perfect for 3-Axis Knee Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, and Routers. The control system is suitable for any machine that has 3 interpolating axes. With the 808D Basic Control servo sizes run from 4NM to 10NM, which will handle most small to mid-size machines. For machines that require larger servo motors, we step up to the 808D ADVANCED CNC System. Our kits are some of the easiest to install and configure on the market. We can also provide custom kits for a range of machine tool applications, including: lathes, grinders, boring mills, VTLs, and more.

Learn More:
Siemens SINUMERIK 808D Low-Cost CNC Kit for Milling

FS: BostoMatic 400 Series Vertical Machining Center, 48" x 14" Table, NUM CNC

Recent forum posts - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:25
This BostoMatic 415-3 Machining Center has been recently retrofitted with a NUM Power Series control and new axis drives and motors. We have (2) BostoMatic 400 Series machining centers available.

Table Dimensions 48" x 14"
Max weight on table 750 lbs
X-Axis Travel (Inches) 20
Y-Axis Travel (Inches) 14
Z-Axis Travel (Inches) 16
Spindle Taper (main spindle) CAT #40
Spindle Speed (main spindle) 125 - 5,000 RPM
Spindle Taper (high-speed spindle) CAT #20
Spindle Speed (high-speed spindle) 40,000 RPM
CNC Control (Retrofitted) NUM 10xx Power Series

If interested, please contact us at 317-662-0185 or nathan.petry@machinetoolproducts.com for more information.

Pictures Link: BostoMatic 4 Series Vertical Machining Center, 48" x 14" Table, NUM CNC - MachineToolProducts.com


Recent forum posts - Tue, 12/27/2016 - 05:34
HELLO everyone i am in need of VCNC software if anybody in here can help me please don't hesitate

puma 240m fanuc21i-tb hellp !!!

Recent forum posts - Thu, 12/22/2016 - 04:59
So i need the plc pasword
Please help me !

MAZAK Integrex e-410i turn-mill G43 need help

Recent forum posts - Tue, 12/20/2016 - 09:30
I have got a MAZAK Integrex e-410i turn-mill machine. I try to use a milling tool to mill at B0.0 and at B90.0 deg.
I program with EIA/ISO code via Post Processor made by myself. I load the tool , place G43 by the book but the machine does not follow the correct toolpath. Missing the pivot point distance I think. Must turn the Zaxis to Xaxis distance (pivot dist plus Tool height).The output points are correct (tested with vericut).
The machine has two chucks ( C axis left and right) and one spindle (B axis 0-180 deg).
The spindle must stand above the part on vertical orientation but goes 250 mm approx on the right and 250 mm+tool height down. Does NOT calculate the tool tip shifted.
That's the code
N7 G90 G00 G40 G80
N8 G54 G21

N9 (MSDF ..........)

N10 (PN 7114788 )



N13 M205

N14 M09


N16 (========== TOOL CHANGE ==========)


N18 (COMMENT : )

N19 (=================================)

N20 (=== START MILLING ===)

N21 G90 G0 G40 G80

N22 T8 M6


N24 G90 G0 B90.00 first turn B 90 deg

N25 G54 set the workpiece origin


N27 G43 X50. Y0.0 Z8.5 H8 I think here is the problem....G43

N28 S8000 M3

N29 M08


N31 G00 X50. Y-8.25 Z8.5 C0.

N32 G00 X3.95

N33 G01 G94 Y-5.25 F1500.

Does anybody know about ? What I miss ?

MillPWR Help

Recent forum posts - Tue, 12/13/2016 - 05:30
Morning all. Well, things have been going well and I was just informed by 2 customers that quantities are about to increase when...kaput. I was in the middle of a cut and my x feed just stopped and I got an alarm that my table stop had been depressed. I checked to be sure and it was not so I backed everything away and re-booted the machine and was prompted to "press F1 to continue". So I plugged in my keyboard and did so. Upon hitting F1 the control makes it to the Acu-Rite logo screen and says "initializing. Please wait" but it is giving me an error code of 4 beeps pause 1 beep pause one beep, then repeat and won't go any further. Does anyone know what this code is? I was in a pretty heavy cut. Could I have popped a fuse? Where might it be? How can I test the servo motor? Could I have heated up a board and fried it? Any help would be great!

ooya re-1m 4th axis

Recent forum posts - Mon, 12/12/2016 - 15:30
need help with ooya fanuc control 6m ,i want to disable the 4th axis, is there a parameter to change or is it more diffacult than that ,been looking at the maintenance manual parameter list didn't see anything . thanks ron f


Recent forum posts - Thu, 12/01/2016 - 07:19
What do you guys recommend doing after you have a crash on a cnc machine?
Vertical mill 4 and 5 axis?
Horizontal mill 4 and 5 axis?
Just curious if there is any standard checks to do on the machine after a crash

Linking cnc with laptop

Recent forum posts - Fri, 11/25/2016 - 06:42
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY10zIMaCmI you can check this video if it is useful for you.

safety door interlocks

Recent forum posts - Fri, 11/25/2016 - 06:40
yes you are right friend.

Need some Lathe Cnc programming help

Recent forum posts - Thu, 11/24/2016 - 06:24
you can get more knowledge about lathe machines form this website http://www.machinedock.net/

help me atc problem

Recent forum posts - Tue, 11/22/2016 - 18:03
Try checking your tool changing sequence and manually rotating your magazine all the way around.

OKK MCH-600, Fanuc 16M: 309 APC Alarm : B axis ZRN IMPOSSIBL

Recent forum posts - Fri, 11/18/2016 - 12:02
Glad you were able to get this going and thanks for posting how you resolved this issue. Cheers!!

"020 error over radius tolerance.

Recent forum posts - Thu, 11/10/2016 - 14:16
i make programs for the VTEC FANUC i Series:

my shop has always done straight line grooves with either 1/4 up to 3/4" end mills and and lots of drilling.

we are trying to start cutting out a groove in the existing holes, with a t slot bit.

in order to do this we need to make a linear and circular interpulation, which is either a G3 or G2 ,Well when i set my tool paths , evrything looks good, when i do the simulation, but when i go to run the program. the only thing that the program reads is the linear path the it tells me i have an error. i need help with the settings, if anyone could help me out this would really help.

clearing 300 APC Alarm : B axis need ZRN

Recent forum posts - Thu, 11/10/2016 - 10:18
Agreed, the B axis need to turn a bit to let the servo Drive / CNC recognize the Absolute Encoder in it, when we have the Battery changed. But what to do when the B is not rotating by any means (even after the Table is unclamped; M11), such as Jog, handwheel or even by trying to Move in ref. mode itself? I am trying to find out what could be the reason, the B axis don't rotate!(all the other axis are fine, able to establish their zero point.) Strange, what interlock, B axis is stumbled with? This issue is seen on a OKK Horizontal Mill, after replacing the dead battery. Do we need to remove the B motor from the machine and rotate its shaft by hand to let the servo Drive / CNC recognize the Absolute Encoder in it so that we can try the B rotation using the CNC later? We are stuck with this issue now..

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