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sterkste laser

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HACO Bending Machine Troubleshooting and Repair

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Quote: Originally Posted by daryldelrosario Yes, our machine have safety doors that protect from being crushed. actually when the time the machine was malfunction, one of its relay was damage. Yet was not replaced, instead this was been repaired and checked, and upon checking the relay was ok.

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we want also to find the diagram of this machine, can you suggests me where to find this one? we want to have the diagram..thanks...
I assume you are referring to a 100 ton press brake. I realize that this is an old post. If you still need help please reply, you can purchase the manuals from Haco-Atlantic, they have an office/ shop in Houston.

Siemens 840 D- (25050 :Axis Z contour monitoring) Infinity Machine

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Hello gbarron,

The Siemens Diagnostics manual has some information. You might check the mechanicals on your machine for binding and after look at machine data: MD36400 $MA_CONTOUR_TOL. Pasted the info from the manual below... -Doug

25050 %1 Axis Contour Monitoring

Definitions: The NCK calculates for each interpolation point (setpoint) of an axis the actual value that should result based on an
internal model. If this calculated actual value and the true machine actual value differ by a larger amount than given
in the MD36400 $MA_CONTOUR_TOL, then the program is aborted and the alarm message is issued.
The alarm can be reprogrammed in the MD11412 $MN_ALARM_REACTION_CHAN_NOREADY (channel not ready).
Reaction: Mode group not ready.
The NC switches to follow-up mode.
Channel not ready.
NC Start disable in this channel.
Interface signals are set.
Alarm display.
NC Stop on alarm.
Channel not ready.
Remedy: Please inform the authorized personnel/service department.
- Check whether the tolerance value set in MD36400 $MA_CONTOUR_TOL is too small.
- Check optimization of the position controller (Kv factor in the MD32200 $MA_POSCTRL_GAIN) to establish whether
the axis follows the given setpoint without overshooting. Otherwise, the speed controller optimization must be
improved or the Kv servo gain factor must be reduced.
- Improvement of speed controller optimization
- Check the mechanics (smooth running, inertial masses).
Teileprogramm neu starten.Clear alarm with the RESET key in all channels of this mode group. Restart part program.


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Batería IBM ThinkPad Z60m

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Johnford SL-800B False overtravel

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Thanks Petro
tech was in and found a bad cable and switch on lower turret home position. Parts ordered.

hitachi seiki with seicos m2

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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnaka Hello.

I just purchased this machine with seicos mii control, I cant seem to send programs to the machine properly, well It receive the program like some chunks. if the programs small enough I will go thru and says finish. but if it is big a little I will stop in the stop, while the pc finish sending. the cnc keep saying reading but nothing going thru. for instance it will ready like on and it takes some lines and it stop, and it does that for like 3 time and it stop for good. and also I cant switch between memory to drip feed, I have enable it but It goes right off. can someone help please

john Hi ,
Did you solved your problem? i am facing the same


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