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U.S. Army's "Fundamentals of Machine Tools"

These files are located locally but can also be found on the Army's server but are not always available

Training Circular number 9-524

If you would like easier navigation through the contents page download all files and place in a common folder. Acrobat will pull up the files from the folder.

Table of Contents

Contents Navigate in Acrobat (48K) 

Disclaimer    (2K)

Preface        (6K)

Chapter 1    Introduction to the Machine Shop    (292K)

Chapter 2    Properties, Identification, and Heat Treatment of Metals  (276K)

Chapter 3    Portable Machine Tools     (388K)

Chapter 4    Drilling Machines     (617K)

Chapter 5    Grinding Machines     (442K)

Chapter 6    Sawing Machines     (353K)

Chapter 7    Lathes     (1594K)

Chapter 8    Milling Operations     (617K)

Chapter 9    Milling, Grinding, Drilling, and Slotting Attachments    (583K)

Appendix A    Tables     (2302K)

Appendix B    Weights and Measures     (255K)

Appendix C    Formulas     (85K)

Index    (453K)                

Glossary    (92K)

References    (12K)

Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.