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CNC Machine tool resources

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Buy/sell used machine tools

Hobby CNC

Mini Micro and small CNC machines

Machine shops

Books, CDs etc.

Tooling and work holding systems



Rapid Prototyping

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Buy/sell used machine tools

Pennineuk-UK based machine tool services


GCode 2000/TTF to DXF- DXF to NC Program and Text to DXF

Robotics resources

Robotics Online- Excellent resource for all your robotics needs

Hobby CNC and stepper systems


Rapid Prototyping Alpha Prototypes provides Rapid Prototypes created from 3D Cad drawings. Including Stereolithography, FDM and 3D Printing; Online quotes available.

Mini Micro and small CNC machines


Books, CDs and other leaning /educational material

Machine Shops


Arkansas Machine Shop - Arkansas machine shop providing CNC machining and metal stamping die work for local as well as international clients. Check out our custom Blanchard grinding and special purpose machines that are assured to get the job done right the first time, no matter the size of the order.


Tooling and work holding systems American Machinist provides useful information regarding router bits, carbide drill bits, plasma cutting and many other cutting tools.