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Where to get Fanuc parts besides Fanuc America and GE Fanuc?

Fanuc Fuses and CNC fuses-Great link to see what the fuse looks like and order. Save 20-30% off of fanuc prices

Fanuc RS232 cables - Custom made RS232 cables and hardware

Ballscrew and spindle bearings - great prices on name brand bearings

CNC Electronics LLC- Fanuc and GE Fanuc parts services to America. Including AC alpha servo and spindle axis drive and pcbs, controls and master boards, systems power supply units, new CNC monitors for Mazak, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and many more. Services include exchange, parts, repair, testing, rebuild and surplus spares.

CNC Monitors- CNC monitor replacement and repair for Fanuc, Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi, Mazak, Hitachi and and more.

Fanuc world Parts- Checked on drives and motors- seems cheaper but have not ordered from them yet, may be something to try if Fanuc America or GE Fanuc would not have the parts you need in stock. Please let me know about your experiences with this vendor for my information.


Hobby CNC Parts

CNC4PC- parallel port breakout board, solid state relay driver, and spindle index circuit for threading and more. Provides building blocks to integrate your CNC projects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Links to external websites have not been looked into for reliability, reputation and customer service. Buyer beware.