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Electrical & PLC Training Software from the CNC Specialty Store
Electrical and PLC training software

VFD training Software-variable frequency drives
Electrical and PLC training software


Free CNC machine tool, machining and maintenance related software

Free Maintenance management software for plant and facility

Cworks maintenance management - Software to keep track of work orders, parts, assets, employee's, PM's, along with printing nice reports and history. Can't beat the price for this maintenance software FREE

Track pro.-Calibration and Maintenance Management software tracks the status of recurrent items such as calibrations, maintenance, validations, and reminders. Keeping these items under control will assist you in meeting the requirements of ISO 9000, QSR, GMP, or QS 9000. TrackPro is free for small shops that track less than 150 items

RS232 and DNC software Free

DNC4U RS232 Dnc Software

Tera term 2.3- Good treminal program

Hercules SETUP utility-useful serial port terminal (RS-485 or RS-232 terminal) , UDP/IP terminal and TCP/IP Client Server terminal

Free NC Programming software

NC Plot- older version offered for free

CNC Programming simulator software Free -programming software simulator, but must return to site for free renew code

AutoeditCNC simulation software-this nc programming software assists in the creation and testing of Numerical Control (NC) programs in the Fanuc/G&M-Code format

Ace Converter- DXF to G-code converter post processor

Misc. free machining software,converting software, and engineering software

Trig machining calculator software and much more FREE

Feed and speed calculation software-Calculate feed and speeds for mills, drills and thread taps with this software.

Unit conversion software program Free-software to convert length, pressure,speed etc.

Autocad type drawing software

A9tech-general purpose two-dimensional CAD program

Progecad LT- CAD program

Solidworks/Autocad. viewer (Edrawings)- software for viewing various drawing programs

Safety and injury cost

OSHA's free software to figure out specific injuries cost you! Link to injury cost analysis

If any of this software is no longer free please contact me. Companies tend to stop offering after a certain amount of time. Also if you know of any quality free software that I might want to add to the list let me know.

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