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SRAM CardSaving Data off an ATA, SRAM, PC or pcmcia card to your computer

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To Take program off the card and put on the computer

  1. Insert card(If asks to install driver you must configure windows) See this procedure to do so SRAM pcmcia card set up on windows 95/98/2000/XP computer

  2. Double click on MY COMPUTER(In the Hard disk drive section another drive comes up labeled [Local disc (example drive letter? (D:))]

  3. Double click on (D:) Drive and a new window will come up with the data on the card.

  4. You will see (PROGRAM.ALL) in the window.

  5. Now you will copy to your hard drive by moving the curser over file and pressing the right click button. A window will then come up. Then, move the curser down to copy command and click the left mouse button.

  6. Find the location where you would like to copy the file. After opening a folder to put the backup in, right click in window, then click on “PASTE”. You should now see the file labeled “PROGRAM.ALL” in the window.

    Note: Some machines have two sides such as HEAD1 and HEAD2 to backup. So, you may need to do them both.

  7. Now, right click on the file name. The window will open, then select rename. Type in todays date – start with the month/day/year

  8. EXAMPLE=12-05-2005. Then press enter. This should give you a backup file corresponding to the date, in case you need to reference one of the programs for a future date.

  9. The file should now be renamed and is loaded on to the computer

  10. Now, backup Head 2 if backing up a second side of the control

To eject PC-card or sram from computer follow the below procedure or data can get corrupt

  1. Double click on icon in the task bar, on the icon with a green arrow(safely remove hardware)

  2. Window will come up- then left click on the stop button

  3. Another window comes up- click OK

  4. Then Eject Card

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