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Machine Tool Related Book reviews

cnc programming using macro B

CNC Programming Using Fanuc Custom Macro B - By S.K Sinha. This is my first choice on a book to learn CNC macro programming. I was approached recently with this new book Published (June 2010) by the author. I asked for a copy of the book so I could review it- thank you! After reading through several chapters I would have to say that this book definitely does an extremely good job on actually teaching you, not just providing information and forgetting everything you read. I will admit I am not a programmer but I often decipher problems that often come up within machine programs and many times macro programs. This book is very in depth and I believe written from a teaching point of view,which to me is what you need for this topic. Concepts of writing macros including applying it to an application and using it efficiently help you to fully understand what your goals are when creating a new program. One comment that the author made to me before reading this book was that it was written in a student-friendly manner and I totally agree. It is a self-sufficient text, designed to be read from beginning till the end, in the same sequence. No external help, in the form of another book or an instructor, would be needed. Anybody, who has basic understanding of common G/M-codes and machining procedures, can learn macro-programming simply by self-study. It does not assume any background in macro programming. All and all I would give this book an A, its written well, does an excellent job at teaching as well as being a good reference manual.

FAnuc macro programming book

Fanuc CNC Custom Macros: Programming Resources For Fanuc Custom Macros B Users- By Peter Smid. This is one of the top two best macro programming books out there today. The book goes into a great amount of detail into Macro programming structure, formats. Also providing you with many common examples of programs within the book and on CD. If you are serious about wanting to learn about CNC macro programming then this book is for you. I bought this book at the recommendation of several people in the machine tool forum and I am glad I did.

Machine shop trade book

Machine Shop Trade Secrets- by James Harvey, This book has lots of tips, tricks and technics for both novice and advanced professionals focusing primarily on manual type machining. However much of the information also pertains to CNC machining in general too This book is very easy to read and understand going straight to the point of what he is trying to get across and leaving out the fill that many books seem to have.

CNC Programming basics and workbook-These books come from an author that is self taught in the art of CNC programming. I always appreciate some one that takes the effort to learn on their own as well as self publish there own book. The CNC basics & CNC work book is great for new people wishing to learn programming. As well as a handy quick reference.

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Software reviews

Troubleshooting - Basic Control Circuits

Troubleshooting - Basic Electrical

Troubleshooting - Motor Control Circuits

Electrical Troubleshooting Skill series software-

Having completed this series myself, this is one of the best tools I have ever seen. It is an extremely realistic way to learn and refine your troubleshoot skills without the expense, mistakes, and pressure from the employer. I would recommend this software for everyone and anyone, both novice and advanced. With plenty of exercises, this software can be gone through multiple times to improve your skills and find better, more efficient ways to troubleshoot electrical problems. I like the function of being able to print a report to show the amount of time, attempts, and success of each exercise. The reports provide a great way to compare your results when you repeat the exercises a second time. Another benefit is having the time to analyze your initial problem, solving technic, and figuring out what steps you should have taken. Therefore, learning from experience and changing the way you think about finding a solution to the problem.

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About Machine Tool help reviews:

Currently I am reviewing software for learning electrical and ladder and PLC's diagnostics and troubleshooting. Education and hands on is the best practice beyond these books and software. But I am trying to attempt to put together enough educational material that will assist and teach you the skills you will need and do it quickly and for the least amount of money, time, and effort. We all wish we could learn everything with the flip of a switch. Unfortunately it will never be that quick but I will try to give you the material to make your time and money well spent. Again, I want to reiterate that I am recommending these items because I think they are better then average and great educational learning tools. Yes may sometimes make a very small if any commission on some of these products, but I am recommending these because of what I think about them, not to put money in my pocket! These are my unbiased personal recommendations. If you disagree with them send me an email explaining why and what you would recommend otherwise and I will consider taking a look at it myself and possibly adding it here. Thank you

Submit a Book / Learning Software

Do you have a book or piece of software you would like to submit to machine tool help? Send me an email with the information .I will generally post a review in about 1-2 months upon my discretion , after I have time to completely review the material. Some material I may not review if I do not have enough experience within that field to make an honest beneficial review.