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About the Author

Technical Background

I've been in the machine tool related industry now for about 14 years. I've always enjoyed learning everything I can and always putting forth the extra effort and going that extra mile for the customer. Always trying to improve my knowledge and give customers the confidence in my work and skills. Knowing what questions to ask, how to analyze the problem, and troubleshoot a machine properly is key to gaining your customers support. I make an effort to always take the extra time to learn what, why and how it happened. All of which is critical to resolving a problem quickly and efficiently. I hope you enjoy this website and benefit from the information here. Remember to take precautions and be as safe as possible as a lot of damage can occur if information is not used properly or on the wrong equipment. Remember you are responsible for your actions. If you don't know call someone that does.

In order to get a perspective of my expertise and where my opinions may come from here is some of my past work experience and education.

3 years part owner in a CNC service and repair company. Servicing CNC equipment on a daily basis onsite at customers facilities.

1 year as a robotics engineer for a robotics automation and machine tool distributer. In this position I have been sort of an all around kind of engineer doing everything from electrical interfacing, electrical design, mechanical design, PLC programming and robot programming.

3 years with a machine tool integrator as a project manager. Designing mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and pneumatics systems, and programming PLC's to fully automate machine tools. I also performed machine repair service and phone support for both customers directly and through two other machine tool distributors as well.

5 years at a large machine tool distributor achieving the highest rank as a service technician. I coordinated service and was the primary phone support technician. I also provided customer training, PM programs, ballbar analysis, service, automation, and integration. I also attained multiple certifications with several different machine tool builders from training in both US and Japan.

1 year in maintenance at a chemical company.

3 years at a hydraulics builder/distributor building hydraulic & pneumatic power unit systems from the ground up. Including testing and troubleshooting and design.

As far as education, I have a degree in Industrial maintenance and machine repair, along with many other completed courses in PLC programming, Autocad, solidworks, robotics, computers, business management, and many different types of software. Along with being factory trained by many different machine tool builders in Japan and in the US.

Hope you' have enjoyed this web site, I know I have really enjoyed building it for you. Thanks for visiting and if you have any recommendations I am always open to them.