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Want to make some extra cash making up CNC repair/assembly procedures?

Would you like to make some extra money from your job while creating detailed procedures for your company and other service personnel the next time you perform a repair on your machine. We would like to pay you $20 for this well written procedure to help make our website grow.

If you have other procedures or documentation on CD we may also be interested in purchasing them as well-please email us with information.

We are looking for procedures on

  1. Spindle replacements

  2. ATC alignment procedures

  3. B-axis rebuilding

  4. and more..

Qualified procedures will consist of detailed assembly/disassembly pictures and written documentation to further explain each picture. Procedures must be step by step and contain enough information for just about anyone to perform. No procedures from machine builders will be accepted unless presented with much more detail, pictures and modifications with own material supplied.


What should be included?

  1. Machine make, model, year built, and control type

  2. Must contain enough pictures for clear communication and documentation

  3. Step by step procedure with pictures

  4. Information on inspecting components as they are disassembled and what to look for

  5. Common problems with disassembly or installation that you could see happening when taking apart. Etc.

  6. Procedures must be in English since I can not verify the content within it.

  7. Name and address of which the check is to be mailed.

Since procedures will be received and may not be posted for some time and there may be duplicates please send us an email with what type of procedure you would like to create if you are creating it solely for the purpose of making some extra money and we will let you know if we are interested in that particular machine or procedure.

If your procedure qualifies an email will be sent to you within 1 week and a check will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks. If we do not use your procedure we will not notify you.

Please Email us with any questions:
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