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Used Industrial Machine Tools

Industrial machine shops are often used by industrial machine tools. There are many drawbacks and few benefits other than cost ,which is the biggest benefit. Make sure to read

Tips and advice on buying your next Industrial machine tool.

Buying used CNC machine tool inspection

Draw backs of buying used industrial CNC equipment?

Below is a list of pro's and con's when buying used CNC machine tools.

Do you want to inherit someone else's problems?- This can be a bigger expense then you realize.

Less support from the machine tool dealer. If the dealer did not make the sale or expects any future purchases. They often will not give you the support that you need. The fact is the bigger the customer and the more sales they receive, the better the quality of service and support. This is the reason small machine shops generally get little or no support. Support may also be more difficult if the line is new to the dealer or the dealer is not local.

New machine installations, sales, and warranty calls always come first before any service is performed on older machines. Unless, of course you are one of the big auto companies or are in the market for buying new machine tools.

When the age of a machine tool hits around 6-7 years, finding parts may often become difficult.

One benefit instead of buying new is that if the machine model is relatively new or few exist in your area, parts are not often in stock anyway. The benefit however is that they are still producing them, but may take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Online used CNC machine tools for sale