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Purchasing Machine Tool Options and Accessories

See CNC Automation and integration pages to decide where and who to purchase options from, to save some money.
Do you really want to go over budget??
Spend more then you have too??

Below, you will find some of the most common options installed or considered when purchasing a machine tool..

Control related options

Program Memory
Tool Life management
Program memory
Macro programming

Machine tool options available (List)

Parts Catcher
Barfeeder Interface
Work light- cheaper from integrator
3 stage signal light- cheaper from integrator
Autodoor, pneumatic or servo
M-codes available- Sometimes cost extra
Tool Breakage detection
Coolant Chip Flush-Look at the corners in the machine
Scales for greater accuracy
Robotic automation

High Pressure coolant

Fixture options

Height of proposed fixture
Light curtains
Part present detection
Hydraulic/pneumatic clamping
Two hand anti tie down


Fully integrated into control? Save on crashes
M-codes available- Sometimes cost extra