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To purchase a downloadable, updated and editable lathe preventive maintenance form visit the CNC Specialty Store

Lathe Preventative Maintenance PM Program checklist form

Customer/Cust asset # Model Serial Number
. . .
Inspection Status Comments or Readings
E-stop Buttons
Proper Guarding
Alignments inspection
Turret Square
Turret Radial Alignment
Turret X-axis Centerline adjustment
Head stock (Requires test cut setup)
Sub spindle (May require set up)
Tailstock (Requires test cut setup)
Live tooling-Check groove orientation
Drain/Fill, Clean Suction Filter, Wipe clean
Spindle lube tank
Way Lube tank
Hydraulic Unit
Spindle Oil cooler
Hydraulic System
Cracked Hoses
Oil leaks
System pressure
Clean Cooler fins on Unit
Oil Cooler
Clean Filter
Clean Condenser
Change oil
Inspect proper operation
Check for abnormal Noise
1. High RPM
2. Low RPM
Runout of Taper
Belts (Some Models)
Inspect air Filters
Electrical Cabinet
Oil cooler
Electrical inspection
Connections in cabinet
Cables, Shielding
Cooling Fans
1. Electrical cabinet
2. Axis drives and I/O
3. Axis and spindle drive
4. In front control Panel
Servo Motors- Noise, Humming
Battery Voltage/NC and APC
Insulation resistance- motors at drive
Y-axis (option)
A-axis (option)
B-axis (option)
C-axis (option)
Subspindle (option)
X, Y, Z, B, C axis Inspection
Backlash test and adjustment
Y-axis (option)
B-axis (option)
C-axis (option)
A-axis (Live Tooling option) Belts?
Check for abnormal noise in axes
Slide seals
Way wipers
Inspect Covers for proper function
Coolant system
Cleaning of machinery or Coolant system
Clean Suction screens on pumps
Clean Screens
Ball Bar Inspection,
Optional accessories
Inspect cabling, and connections
Grease bearings
Chip Blaster or High Pressure Unit
Inspect Cables and connections
Change Filter (If filters are available)
Change pump/gear oil
Check pressure settings
Other Options
Additional Comments
Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing downtime and costs

Lathe Preventative Maintenance Program basic checklist form

To purchase a downloadable, updated and editable lathe preventive maintenance form visit the CNC Specialty Store