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Robotics vision setup and operation

Robotic vision topics to be discussed

  • Robot Lighting types
  • Part feature selection with robot cameras
  • Robotic vision Applications
  • Robotic vision setup

What makes a good Robotics vision application?fanuc robotic vision systems

AIn general a good application is one with large differences in contrast.  Such as looking at a black part on a white background, or a white part on a black background. The more distinguished the features of the part are, the better the more reliable the system will be at capturing and determining the proper part location.

Robotic vision concepts

Most machine visions systems are black and white, grayscale. The most important considerations for machine vision systems are the lighting and the camera lens. These two components can make or break a process and cause excessive amount of waisted time in trying to program and pick out the features needed for your robotic vision process. LEDs and lighting systems are not made equal. Variations in intensity and beam focus can vary greatly from bulb to bulb.

Light can come from two types of sources: point sources or diffuse sources.

Point light source examples

  • LED light bulb
  • The Sun
  • Fire

Diffused light source examples

  • LED bulb with a filtered lens on a flashlight
  • The sky on a cloudy day
  • Dome light

Light Lens filtering with colors

Using various lens colors on lighting can do two things for you. If the lens color is matched with the part color. This will make the object brighter. However if the opposite color Lens is used this will cancel out the color and make the object appear much darker.

Types of lighting available for robot vision systems

  1. Bright Field
  2. Dark Field
  3. Back Lighting
  4. Diffused Lighting
  5. Line Light
  6. Linear Lights
  7. Ring Lights
  8. On Axis Lights
  9. Laser /Structured lighting
  10. Dome lights

Fanuc Robotics vision program code used

Executing vision system to capture data

This command executes the specified vision process. When iRVision completes the capture of an image, the program proceeds to the next line. iRVision stores the data about the workpiece position it detects in its internal memory on a temporarily basis. Executing the VISION RUN_FIND command again clears the position data detected the last time the command was executed.

Calculating the offset data

This command causes the offset data of the workpiece detected by the specified vision process to be retrieved into the vision process. When there is no data to be retrieved, the program jumps to the specified label.

Copiing the offset data to a position register to be offset

This command copies the offset data, stored in the vision register, to the position

Copy the model ID to the register

This command copies the model ID, stored in the vision register, to the register.

Robotics vision setup and operation is coming soon