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Using a G10 statement to change parameters in NC program

On Fanuc controls a G10 L50 statement can often be used for changing parameters. Sometimes a parameter may be changed while the program is running to inhibit an area by changing the overtravels, or maybe change a parameter that in one part of the program needs to be one way and in another section may need to be the other. A G10 parameter change statement is also sometimes used in probing routines or more commonly to load values into work coordinates or tool offsets.

There are to types of parameters that require two different formats for using G10. One is used when there is 8 separate bits within the one parameter number. The other is when it is a parameter with X,Y,Z .... axis with their own separate values. Below are some examples using both.

Caution !! remember that you must change the parameter number back at some point within the program and if the program is stopped within the middle of this change there remains the possibility to cause severe damage to machine or injury.

Example G10 statements for changing parameters with axis designations within it X,Y,Z etc.

NC Program number
G10L50; (Parameter input mode ON)
N1320 P1 R50; (1320 is parameter number, P1-is for the 1st axis within the parameter or X-axis) (R25=value to “25”).
G11; (Parameter input mode OFF)

Example G10 Program to change a parameter with 8 bits

NC Program number
G10L50; (Parameter input mode ON)
N0012R11001100 (0012 is parameter number, 11001100=bit 0 to bit8).
G11; (Parameter input mode OFF)

If you have any other examples of G10 statements please email me.