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Tool presetter calibration procedure for most types of machine tools. General Tool probe setting and adjustment parameter procedure.

  1. Index the turret to an O.D. style turning tool. Bring down (or install) presetter arm, then press PSM (presetter mode) button and touch off tool tip in X direction. Return (or remove) presetter arm and press PSM button to cancel presetter mode. Move turret to a safe position to index, then in MDI mode call up tool & offset. Example: (T0101; Insert Start), this will allow you to see the actual diameter of the test cut using the absolute position page.

  2. Insert a workpiece into the chuck. Turn the spindle on and take a cut along the O.D. of the workpiece. Measure diameter of the cut, this reading should read the same as the absolute position display on the position page. Example: If stock is 1.500 after the test cut, the absolute position display should also read 1.500. If different adjust the geometry offset (not the wear offset) accordingly. Go back to MDI, call tool and offset, take another test cut. If the absolute position screen and workpiece size are the same continue onto next step. If different then repeat the above procedure until workpiece and absolute page are the same.

  3. Write down the value of geometry offset (example -10.4321).
  4. Now bring down (or install) the presetter arm, then press PSM (presetter mode) button and touch off the tool tip in x direction. If the offset is different from the number that you wrote down, then adjust the appropriate parameter (see chart below) and retouch the tool tip to the presetter until both are the same.

  5. Repeat the above procedure for the I.D and Z-axis direction if needed.

Parameters for Tool presetter calibration on Fanuc Yasnac and Mitsubishi controls

Mitsubishi tool presetter calibration