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Breaking Taps? Bad finish? Threads wiped out? Other tapping problems? ...

Try checking our list of the usual tapping troubleshooting tips for all your machining needs.

  1. Check diameter and thread pitch of the tap

  2. Is the hole drilled undersized or oversized?

  3. Make sure your tooling has no run out

  4. Make sure your drilled holes are straight

  5. Are chips getting lodged into the flutes? (Try a different tap)

  6. Check style of tap being used and try a different one

  7. Slow down the speed and feed of the tapping cycle

  8. Check your program code for errors

  9. Check to see if the part material is harder then usual for the last batch of parts

  10. If lathe is the turret square to spindle? (Your drills and taps may not go in straight)

  11. Are your parts moving in fixture?

  12. Is the coolant pointing at the tool?

  13. When using high pressure through the spindle coolant is the pump turning on?

  14. Is the m-code being turned on?

  15. Try a different tool holder