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Fanuc ladder backup, save, load PC ladder Software 16/18/21 controls to ATA/PC/SRAM card. Software to edit the Fanuc ladders is FANUC LADDER III.

Notes on using pcmcia cards. Some controls do not accept all types of pcmcia cards. Alpha/beta and other variables determine pcmcia card compatibly. Call Fanuc service for a list of recommended cards.

Backup Fanuc ladder procedure

  1. Format ATA Flash memory /SRAM card through the control. Sometimes this may not work and there could be other problems which I will explain later.
  2. Power off machine and insert memory card into the slot to the left of the CRT/LCD screen.
  3. Press and hold RETURN and F10 , then NC power on and hold until the boot menu comes up. (You will see FANUC BOOT SYSTEM Screen)
  4. Press F10(DOWN) key to get to SYSTEM DATA SAVE.
  5. Press F6(SELECT) The SYSTEM DATA SAVE screen will come up.
  6. Select PMC-RA or PMC-RB by pushing the F10(DOWN) key a number of times till you highlight the file name. If you do not see the file. Go to next page by pressing RETURN soft key.
  7. Press F6(SELECT)
  8. Press F7 (YES) to answer the question.
  9. When save is completed message of [SAVE COMPLETE. HIT SELECT KEY] Then Press F6(SELECT)
  10. Select END(May need to page down multiple times to see it), Press F6(SELECT) to select END, Press F7(YES) to confirm
  11. Machine will begin normal boot sequence.

Load Fanuc ladder software procedure

  1. Select (1. SYSTEM DATA LOADING) Use F10(DOWN) key to navigate then press F6(SELECT)
  2. Select new Ladder software-(ex.8767898D.LAD or PMC-RB.000) by pressing F10(DOWN) key to highlight new ladder. Press F6(SELECT), Press F7(YES)
  3. When loading is completed, message- [LOADING COMPLETE. HIT SELECT KEY], then Press F6(SELECT)
  4. Select END- by F10(DOWN) key then press F6(SELECT)
  5. Select (10. END) by F10(DOWN) key. -> Press F6(SELECT) -> Press F7(YES). The NC and machine will begin to boot
  6. Double check the ladder revision or ladder diagram to see that it updated properly.