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Proximity tester, prox tester, proximity test

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Proximity tester, prox tester, proximity test

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Gridshifts and overtravel parameters- CNC/fanuc Parameter list Grid Shift

Gridshift parameters list


0 control


3 control


5T control

X=24,25,26,27, Z=34,35,36,37=Bits 3210(=.1,1,.001,.01mm)

6 control


10,11,12,15,16,18, 21,16I,18I,21I

1850, or toggle 1815.4 from 1 to 0 to 1 in desired position power off then on


Soft over travel Limits



0 control

X= 700+704, Y=701+705, Z=702+706, 4th=703+707

3 control

70,71,72, and 73,74,75

6 control

143,144,145,146, and 147,148,149,150

10,11,12,15,16,18, 21,16I,18I,21I

1320, 1321



Over-travel par.2013 is -, 2014 is +, Soft over-travels is 8204 and 8205


Backlash Parameters
Please see Backlash parameters and backlash adjustment procedures

Spindle orientation parameter list
Please see Spindle orientation / adjustment parameters


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