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Proximity tester, prox tester, proximity test

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Proximity tester, prox tester, proximity test

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About finding a reputable ball screw rebuilder and what you should be aware of before sending out your screw.

(use extreme caution!!)
machine ball screw wear

Use extreme caution when finding a reputable Ball screw rebuilder. There is a lot of quick easy money to be made in this field very quickly since most people do not have the knowledge or expertise to check the quality of a rebuilders and they are often located out of state. Just because the screw looks smooth and shiny when it comes back does not mean they did a good job. Anyone can take a buffer wheel and do that.

There are a number of companies that are out there along with several who advertise online and are nothing but hacks. Many ballscrew rebuilders claim they do the work and actually most do not have the knowledge and capability to regrind screws or repair them properly. Most will only polish a screw to make it smooth or get the high spots out and if they need something reground will contract it out to the most reputable companies. My recommendation would be to try to get some customer references or look for articles in well known trade magazines to at least find someone with some reputation in the business. Even better yet look for a company that actually produces new ballscrews and also repairs them as well. Do not just search on the internet for someone that claims 1 day turn around because your machine is down!
I have heard many stories which customers have sent out the screw for the company to analyze and come to find out they actually performed the so called repair without your permission or even a quoted amount with no choice but to pay them for their work. So again use extreme caution and do some research before you take any action with a new ballscrew rebuilder.

How are Ball screws repaired, reconditioned or ballscrew ball nuts rebuilt?

  1. Ball screw nut lost its preload

  2. Ball nut, balls, or tubes damaged

  3. Screw lead may only need to be polished

  4. Ballscrew leads need to be completely reground-Usually due to uneven wear, damage to screw and larger balls are used for ball nut

  5. Wiper seals damaged

  6. Build a completely new screw

Need grease for ballscrews and linear guides? See information below
THK AFJ Grease
Kluber NBU 15 Grease
Kyodo Yushi LRL number 3 grease

See Determining and troubleshooting ballscrew problems and analyzing ball screw failure.