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Estimated hours to repair CNC machine tools

(Not including troubleshooting)

The below figures are only estimates for the amount of time it will take to repair your machine tool. When serious problems arise or parts are needed that will change everything. Most jobs should be scheduled for at least 2 days of downtime if possible. Many things can go wrong and will go wrong. If the machine is in operational and running in the current condition and you would like to run before the tech leaves to come back the next day, let him know immediately when he comes in the door. This may or may not be possible depending on the job. But I don't know how many times I've asked the customer this before I went to far and they thanked me for this since most people do not ask this question. Below you will find the average time from my experience to perform these jobs. Please remember every machine is different and sometimes you must remove an excessive amount of things in the way. If a bolt is stripped or something is damaged it could easily add another days worth of work. Also remember some alignments are required before doing others.

Average time for CNC Lathe repairs or adjustments

  1. Turret square alignment Upper turret (2-4 hrs), Lower turret(4-8)

  2. Turret Radial alignment (4-7 hrs)

  3. Spindle headstock alignment (3-6 hrs.)

  4. Subspindle Alignment (4-8 hrs.)

  5. Tailstock alignment (2-6 hrs.)

  6. Center line adjustment to grid shift axis (1 hr.)

  7. Backlash compensation adjustment per axis (15-min.)

  8. Grid shift per axis (15-30min.)

  9. Spindle replacement (min. 2-4 Days)

  10. Bearings replacement depends on machine and axis(4hrs-2 days)

  11. Drive replacement, and setting home- depends what axis(2-6hrs.)

  12. Axis Brake replacement (3-6hrs)

  13. Tool presetter adjustment per turret (2hrs.)

  14. Adjust level /square a machine (2-8hrs.)

Estimated time to make CNC Machining Center repairs or adjustments

  1. Tool Changer arm radial alignment (2-4hrs.)

  2. Tool changer arm to spindle height alignment (.5-3 hrs.)

  3. Spindle orientation set (.5-1hr)

  4. B axis alignment- tough to estimate (min. 3hrs.)

  5. Pallet underside engagement ring if present below each pallet (1-2hrs.)

  6. Removing fixtures and setup time- (2-8hrs.)

  7. Grid shift per axis (.5-1hrs)

  8. Backlash compensation adjustment per axis (.5hr)

  9. Bearings replacement varies widely (4-12hrs)

  10. Drive replacement, depends what axis (2-4hrs.)

  11. Axis Brake replacement (3-6hrs)

  12. Adjust level /square machine (Varies greatly)