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HMI screen examples with Allen Bradley Panel builder

What is an HMI and what does HMI stand for?

HMI stands for Human machine interface. HMI's are used as an operator control panel instead of using an excessive amount of hardware and also provides almost unlimited control and status of a fully automated machine cell.

Benefits of an HMI in the automation cell

  1. Takes the place of Physical push buttons
  2. Allows the operator to start and stop cycles
  3. Eliminates excesive wiring by interlinking directly into the PLC
  4. Easily reprogrammable to add almost any function that exists currently in the PLC without extra wiring or design changes
  5. Clear customizable HMI status screens for easier troubleshooting and to save on downtime
  6. Almost unlimited functions
  7. Alarm control HMI
  8. Counter
  9. Password protection to lock specific people out of performing certain functions
  10. Display PLC numeric data
  11. Upload pictures for clarification and fast recognition
  12. Easy cell duplication
  13. Easy cell operation capability from a central location
  14. HMI can connect to multiple PLC's within the cell for complete cell status
  15. Color coding allows for easy identification (ex. red for trouble green ok)

Below is several screen shots of various HMI status screens that are extremely helpful to have included on all your CNC automation projects screens for CNC interfaces and other machinery and equipment.


More HMI example programs comming soon