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How do Tramp oil/coolant skimmers and separators work

Belt type oil separator/ skimmer

The belt type oil skimmer design uses the difference in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up oil, grease and other hydrocarbon liquids as the belt passes through the wash water. The one-inch belt can remove up to one gallon of oil per hour from the surface of the water. The two-inch belt can remove up to two gallons or more of oil per hour. The belt runs over a tail pulley connected to a stabilizer bar that is lowered into the wash water. After the belt passes over the drive pulley, it travels through tandem wiper blades, where the oil is removed into a discharge channel. The oil then flows into a coolant-saving Oil Concentrator where any residual water picked up with the oil is separated and sent back to the wash tank. The water-free oil is then discharged into a waste oil container.

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Disc skimmer type coolant/oil separator

This skimmer contains a disc that removes the oil off of the top of the coolant. The disc is round and maybe a half inch thick. It spins at a slow speed picking up the oil on top of the coolant. As the oil is picked up onto the disc, wipers rub both sides and peel the oil back off and into the waste container.

Gravity coolant separators

These type of coolant separators use a steel reservoir with baffles. Because oil to one area will cause the oil to overflow into a waste bucket. The next baffle coolant will flow back to the tank. These type of units usually come with the machine tool for the separation of the oil coming from the ways and ballscrews.

Manual oil removal

Many companies use another basic technique. Not complicated method of oil separation. Plain old vacuum. Basically let the machine sit for awhile so the oil separates from the coolant. Then take a vacuum and vacuum the oil off the top of the coolant.

Many people do not realize what a great impact contaminants can have on your productivity and costs associated with Tramp oil. Coolant skimmers and oil separators are a must and a relatively low cost solution.