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Fixture automation- Testing reliability after all machine and cell automation are completed.

What to do before releasing the machine to production to test the safety circuits yourself?

While running a sample safe NC program do the following tests:

  1. Trip the overload on the hydraulic pump Do the parts stay clamped?

  2. Trip the breaker for the hydraulic pump Do the parts stay clamped?

  3. Press or toggle switches unclamp/clamp/auto/manual while it is machining- Make sure nothing is possible while in cycle that could affect the parts being machined.

  4. If M-code to unclamp try firing in cycle with clamp check or part present check turned on- Machine should alarm or go into a feed hold state. The operator should also not be able to immediately press cycle start without alarming almost immediately. They should be required to do something more extensive then hitting reset, like firing a M-code in MDI or turning a selector to manual or off mode before resetting.

  5. Check to see what happens if operator restarts in middle of program. Put clamp check confirmation M-codes where ever this is a possibility.

  6. Check the part present works correctly

  7. If possible test what happens if loss of hydraulic pressure occurs in middle of pallet change.

  8. Check to see that the setup station ready button is inhibited if you are unclamped. That way the operator can not send in a pallet that is not clamped.