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Machine start up problems and troubleshooting tips

General machine start up problems

CRT won't come up? Can you move the axes in handwheel after you fully power it up as if you were following any screen prompts. If the machine functions properly, then the screen is bad or power is not supplied to screen. The power supplied to the screen is often one plug with 3 or 4 larger sized wires then the rest.

No buttons light up on the control panel. Behind the panel or screen is usually a small power supply. Check for power incoming and out going. Also there may be a fuse on this board that is blown.

EMG (emergency) stop state or alarm condition See
Emergency stop alarm troubleshooting

Fanuc Specific power on problems

Drives alarm with only the main breaker turned on(not control on)- all drives if Fanuc should have dash. If any drives have alarm then the odds are that it is internal in the drive.

After power on of the control If all drives ready up except the spindle drives this is normal. But if there is an alarm on the spindle drive then its probably internal in the spindle drive.

Mitsubishi specific start up errors

Spindle drive alarm/problem Many older Mitsubishi spindle drives have a power supply on the top side of the spindle drive. Turn on main breaker and look at power supply mounted to top of spindle drive. There should be an LED lit on it. If not could be a bad power supply or spindle drive. Basically the power supply is week or there is something drawing it down.