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Lube Pump Problems and solutions

Problems that can be associated by improper lubrication

  1. Positioning / Repeatability problems
  2. Noise in axis when moving
  3. Axis motor overload alarms

Are you filling the way lube tank more often then before?

  1. Consider this first: Are you running more shifts? Are you comparing to a machine with less axes (basic lathe verses twin turret twin spindle lathe) of course you will use more oil (double the machine double the oil).

  2. Check for leaks in main lines: Inspect areas that hoses move in tracking where they can rub through.

  3. Check the distribution manifolds for faulty discharge valves: Disconnect the Small lines on the manifold (mark where they go incase they distribute different amounts of oil). Push the manual override button on the pump if there is one, otherwise cycle power which usually cycles the pump. Keep in mind that the pump will usually run only for about 15 seconds every ten-15 minutes depending on the manufacturer. A very small amount of oil discharged and should be in equal amounts. If one constantly pushes oil, replace the hole manifold. Do not try fixing it!
    NOTE: Do not change the amount of oil discharged or timer value. Some machines allow this but its a bad idea. It is set that way for a reason.

Way Lube pump distribution manifold

(Above)Metering distribution Manifold

Lube alarm low or no pressure?

  1. Does the Pump run? See if there's a manual override button to push on pump push it to see if pressure reaches minimum pressure (some Manual overrides may be disabled). If there is no override then power control down then power it all the way up watching the pressure gauge or feel the pump while booting to see if it runs. Or take off the main output line and see if it pumps oil.

  2. Filter on suction side of pump and/or in line filter is clogged.

  3. Did someone put the wrong oil in? Most common, dump out all oil and replace. Pumps very sensitive.