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Home Page


Purchasing CNC machines


Before you buy your next CNC

Which CNC Manufacturer

CNC Machine Warranties

Justifying machine and job costs before the purchase


CNC Machine tool automation options

Buying used machinery advice

Financing your machines and equipment

Drawbacks of buying used CNC machinery and equipment  

Drill/tap machine tool selection considerations


CNC Automation/Integrations

System integrator- finding good quality integrators and automation experts


Coolant skimmers- tramp oil removers
Oil Skimmers & separators


Fixture hydraulic pump design

The typical hydraulic system operation
The basic hydraulic pump system
The hydraulic valving for a double acting fixture
Hydraulic pressure switch considerations

Fixture Automation checks after completion


Fixture automation considerations


Robotics interfacing and wiring considerations for machine tools


Rotary table selection/interfacing considerations


Tool breakage unit detection systems


High pressure coolant


PLC Ladder Logic Examples

BCD input conversion example- commonly used for M code interface HTML, RSLOGIX

Two hand anti tie down PLC example - PDF, RSLOGIX

Clamp check monitoring ladder example PDF, RSLOGIX

Machine Installation







Leveling and squaring a CNC machine


CNC Machine Grounding





Preventative Maintenance program for CNC Horizontal machines


  • cnc programming applications macro and troubleshooting

Machinist G codes & M codes List

Okuma Lathe G codes M codes listing

Haas CNC g codes and m codes list


RS232 Communications for CNC

Learn Macro Programming and parametric programming

Machining part chatter finish problems and issues

Drill Tap Chart


Common CNC Programmer parameter changes

Unit Convert Conversion Program for many things, metric, length, volume, speed, etc


Coolant mixture water quality and problems

Machining Tapping Problem troubleshooting


Machinery Boring Lathe


CNC Programming starter safety code


Tool presetter calibration

Parameters for Tool presetter calibration on Fanuc Yasnac and mitsubishi controls
Mitsubishi tool presetter calibration
Tool presetter general calibration procedure

Touch / tool Probing systems for CNC machinery

Machining End mill training education

G10 Parameter change statement for Fanuc controls

Learning CNC Machines


Fundamentals of CNC machine tools

Learning CNC links electrical troubleshooting software learn how to Become the best machine repairmen in the shortest amount of time




CNC Machine Tool Manuals

Control manuals and machine manuals

CNC Machine shop magazines


CNC builders OEM phone numbers


Used industrial machines
- related to CNC machine tools, CNC machining books and more
Troubleshooting effectively Systematic Machine Troubleshooting

Parameter lists for backup and restoration of CNC machines that have lost parameters




Pulse coder alarms

Ballscrew vertical axis brakes


Machine Emergency stop problem


Learning to troubleshoot Electrical Shorts


Way Lube problem


Proximity/Limit/solenoid/ switch testing

Low voltage at device troubleshooting


Machine power up problems testing and troubleshooting


Axis Zero Return problems and alarms

Power supplies


Servo motor testing


Door interlock circuit alarms and problems


CNC Procedures


Fanuc ladder backup, save, load PC ladder

Backup Fanuc ladder procedure load Fanuc ladder software procedure

Fanuc zero return setting procedure


Fanuc parameter backup


Mitsubishi control zero return setting


Screen capturing fanuc/mits


Preventative Maintenance


PM/ preventatice maintenance quotes & quoting recommendations


Horizontal CNC Preventative maintenance (PM) Form
CNC Lathe preventive maintenance program PM form
Machine Vibration analysis


Ball bar analysis testing for CNC's


  • Machine Tool repair maintenance help index

Spindle Head Alignment
Pallet changer alignment
Turret Lathe Alignment

Toolchanger ATC problems

Spindle Drawbar clamp force testing with a dynamometer, dyno


Axis machine backlash

Troubleshooting hydraulics symptoms and problems chart

Relay board troubleshooting and repair


Machine Parameters


CNC Repair Estimated labor for repair- time?


Safety Considerations

Lathe Tailstock alignment procedure




Machine Alarm troubleshooting basics & questions


Drive error alarm codes M65 Mitsubishi


Links CNC help information


Machine tool forums
Machine tool Builders
CNC Parts Information


Learn CNC and educate yourself

CNC forums for machinists, CNC programmers, CAD/CAM forums


Post/view company Links


Used machine tool sales


Computer setup Procedures


SRAM Card PC setup for windows


Communications COM Port Setup (COM1)COM

PORT number or communication port your device


CNC Software


Unit convert / conversion software program


CNC Software


Free computer software (the best of)


Electrical troubleshooting software learn and education




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